Two Transmitters And Dash Control

Plug into Lift

Power    Ground  &  Safety   Plug  for  Pendant   Magnetic  Switches   (Not  Shown)

Our  new  Ricon  remote  now  includes  2  transmitters  dash  control  and  magnetic  switches   The  installation  is  very  easy:  Simply  plug  the  harness  into  the  lift  and  plug  the  pendant  into   the  other  connector  of  the  harness  if  needed.   Next  provide  power  to  the  22  gauge  R/W/B  and  ground  to  the  22  gauge  black  wire.   The  black/white  18  gauge  wire  needs  to  be  connected  to  ground  for  the  any  of  the   out  functions  to  operate.  This  can  be  connected  directly  to  ground  or  to  the  E  brake  or  other   device  that  will  provide  ground  when  parked  to  add  a  safety  feature  if  wanted.   The  dash  control  allows  operation  from  inside  the  vehicle  and  can  lock  out  the  open  magnet   switch  when  desired.


This  product  is  available  for  all  other  lifts

Remotes come standard with magnetic entry, but may be ordered with any combination of remote, magnetic entry, and front station.
Stand alone magnetic entry systems are also available for all lifts.

A VERY user friendly product from:

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